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sanbaka's Journal

12 September 1988
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  • sanbaka@livejournal.com

The first purpose of the journal is for me to post icons and graphics. I tend to make bases, and I'm one of those "attack brand new scans!" people, so if new scans of a group I like come out, most likely you'll see bases of them here shortly after. I'll do other graphics occasionally as well.
thefulcrum (layout), boys_paper, kanjani8, fontaddicts, icon_textures, arashi_on, a_ra_shi, Baka no Sekai, Master Key.
The second purpose of this journal is to post any iPod-ready videos I convert, CD reviews, and other random stuff that I'd rather not fill my personal journal with. I tend to convert PV's that I don't already see in .mp4 format, as well as variety shows sometimes, musical performances, and other things. I might do requests at times too if you just want a certain video but, I'd just download Super or Videora iPod Converter and do it myself (or yourself.)